"Building Gracious Community Within Diversity"
The Peace Community Spiritual Center
  17029 W. 13 Mile Road     Southfield, Michigan    48076      248.642.7047

2014 Executive Summary

Who We Are

The Peace Community Spiritual Center (also referred to as the "Peace Center") is a non-profit organization established to provide inexpensive meeting space, a shared home for small religious and community organizations, and beneficial community programs in the Metro Detroit area.  We do this with a spirit of hospitality and grace as we aim to create community without borders.

The aim of the Peace Center is to builds bridges and fosters positive relationships across a diverse range of groups and people in our surrounding area.

Our Mission

The specific mission of the Peace Center is to accommodate the need for affordable
community meeting space, create beneficial programs for our neighborhood,
and to foster an environment of friendship, collaboration and support.


As an organization, the Peace Center values:

  • hospitality
  • grace
  • diversity
  • fostering positive cross racial, religious, and cultural collaborations and friendships
  • building community and networking
  • supporting local music and the arts
  • providing emotional, spiritual, and substance addiction healing


  • Increase the number of our building partners and better utilize our building for community use.
  • Increase the number of community members who utilize the Peace Center for meetings and events.
  • Increase the opportunities for people in Metro Detroit and throughout the nation to directly support the purpose, strategy, and goals of the Peace Center.

Tim Larson, executive director and pastor of Peace Lutheran Church, Southfield, MI

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